Pilot’s Life In The Cockpit


Yeah! Is so excited to get this gentlemen on board to share with us more about the Pilot’s Life In The Cockpit. The Cockpit door is always lock and secure, so what is happening back there? Curious? Johan Farid Khairuddin; TV Host, Music Producer & Radio DJ now flying the Airbus A330 as a commercial airline pilot.

From Entertainment Showbiz to A Full Time Commercial Pilot.

    • What is it like in the transition?

The industries may seem very different but really it’s the same thing, if you look at it objectively.  In the entertainment industry, I was always there to “entertain” and to make/keep people happy but by playing music (while on radio), or hosting tv shows etc — In the aviation world, as a pilot, I often do the same thing but with a different scope.

Flying airplanes aside (we are not just talking about safety and the technical aspects of flying), we are talking about the human element in this answer — pilots, although are paid to fly safely from point a to point b, we are also human and being human, we want to give our best “service”, to keep people happy. This is more than just “announcements”, this is about keeping passengers comfortable and giving them the confidence that they will always be in safe & trustworthy hands.

    • What is the most Misconception about being a pilot by the public?

This is a personal opinion because if you asked different people, they would have different misconceptions but, to me, the biggest misconception about pilots is — “we want to purposely delay flights.” It’s like, whenever there is a delay, or the pilot refuses to “take off now” or “land now”, although “other airplanes are taking off/landing”, apparently the pilots want to do this for the fun of it. This is far from the truth! Pilots have families too. We too want to get home to our families and want to do our job efficiently etc — but one of the (many) golden rules of flying is, to never let our emotions come between your airplane. Safety has been and will always be the number one priority. Example, if it takes 2 hours for a flight from point a to point b, but because of a thunderstorm between that journey, the pilots have to deviate another 30mins around it, there would have been a 30min additional time added on to that original 2 hrs right?  Just imagine the repercussions for the returning sectors etc.


Pilots Life in Cockpit

    • How long before does a Pilot need to Standby / Prep prior to a flight at airport?

Different airlines have different policies, but usually when crew are on standby, they need to be at the airport in the “fastest” available method which is safest for everyone. No “speeding” on the highway etc yeah! Also,  A rule of thumb is, 1 hour to get from wherever you are to home, 1 hour to get ready at home, and 1 hour to get from home to the airplane (not the airport) but again, that’s just a general rule for most airlines.  And mind you, there are VARIOUS systems in place to make sure the crew being called up, is not having the whole airplane wait on him/her! Example, other crew assigned to go elsewhere can go to that earlier airplane and the crew coming to the airport can then replace that person etc.  This is why operational centres have very tight procedures and policies to ensure smooth operations of an airline.  Again, this is in general and in no way representative of any airline.  This information is also widely available on the internet if you search for airline operational due diligence procedures etc.

    • What is Actually Happening in the Cockpit during the entire flight from Point A to Point B? 

So much. I don’t know where to start. The last thing you want people to think is that pilot’s fly with “auto pilot” so that there is nothing to do when in actual fact there are countless amount of items that need to be done as the flight progresses.  As an example, and mind you this is just ONE of the millions of examples, “weather for alternates”.  Pilots need to know that at every moment in time, “should there be a problem”, they need to know where to go and what to do and how long it takes to get there and how the weather conditions are at that destination plus the amount of fuel left etc.  The list I just mentioned is not exhaustive and there a lot more to it than meets the eye (pun intended as this is in an email form), just know that many variables change when in flight and the pilots need to always constantly check to make sure that if something happens whether technical or non technical (example a sick passenger?), the plane can land safely and render the necccesary action to address the situation in the most safest and efficient manner possible.

  • Aside from Communicating with ATC, what else does a pilot do during cruising? Stretch and Chill Out?Thinking where to go once landed? Chat with Co Pilots? or is always a serious mood in the cockpit?

I think I explained most of this above and yes you are right except about the serious mood part.  Situational awareness is a key trait to any good pilot. The ability to know whats going on “around you” even when you are not looking at things.  Example, pilots could be having a conversation about an airport’s weather and maybe joke or two amongst themselves about the local cuisine etc — but when suddenly they hear something that is not right on the air traffic control radio (even at low volume), they pick it up and know whats going on.  Another example would be to always be able to relax and breathe even when things seem as if it’s going bonkers, for example, when passengers start to get rowdy because we are running late and you know that no matter what the internal/external pressures are – you are not going to have anybody push you into a situation which is unsafe.  Personally rather be late than have to go through a storm!

    • Define On Time Departure & On Time Arrival (is the moment of push back or take off / landed or parked at gate)? Does On Time effects a pilot performances review ?

On time departure is the time the airplane closes it’s doors and pushes back. On time arrival is when the airplane touches down.  And the pilot’s performance review is based on fuel economy, green procedures etc — safety is EVERYONE’s responsibility so there are no “extra points” for being “extra safe”.

One mile of road can only take you so far. One mile of runway, can take you anywhere (1)

Flying required constant communication with ATC

      • Does ATC play a huge role in on time arrival / departure / emergency?

Air Traffic Controllers run the skies and their traffic management and constant communication with them is key.  Arrival time and departure is set prior based on slots. However there are always other variable factors that will affect the arrival time and departure during a flight.

      • Have you encounter fun or problematic ATCs? how you go about it?

Flying general aviation, I have had controllers who have saved my life. I was in a small airplane flying alone when I had engine trouble. They took the time to “guide me” through the skies and point me in a more direct track (while clearing the skies) so that I could land with a priority sequence. So yes they are awesome.

      • How much / to what extend rights are given to a pilots to make decision during flights for best possible on time record or emergency management?

Pilots make the call. Lead by the captain. And input through various crew members including cabin crew, company, air traffic controllers etc. This is part of what we define as CRM – crew resource management.  CRM is towards a safe and efficient flight. All the time.

    • In what is a hugely responsible job, what is the toughest part of being an airline pilot?

The constant study and self empowerment fact that I always want to improve, I always want to get better, I always want to be more efficient and stay safe — while having to raise a family. Haha

    • What’s your biggest annoyance when it comes to passengers?

I don’t get annoyed at passengers. We are in service industry and we should know how to manage our passengers. If the flight is expected to be delayed for instance, I always just apologise and explain why we were late. Each airline has its own policies and procedures for flight deck access however most of them are strictly off limits when in-flight


Disclaimer : The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and individuals and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any airlines or government agency.


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K9 Rescue Mission & Experience in Bangkok, Thailand 

Very honored and excited to meet up with a team of  warriors, the K9 Rescue Dog unit when I was Travelling to Bangkok, Thailand. This is absolutely an eye opener experience of my life time.

Savannah (Golden Retriever) getting excited & preparing for training


Thai Rescue Dog Association is an all volunteer, non profit organisation proud to serve and save life during nature disasters. This K-9 unit is also recognise as a member of the The International Rescue Dog Organisation (IRO).

The IRO is the worldwide representation for 116 national rescue dog organisations from 41 countries on all continents providing the frame by setting up events, activities and trainings within which its members can achieve their personal goals: from the easygoing dog owner wanting to train with his best friend to the highly specialised deployment task team wanting to practice for the case of emergency.

The Unforgettable Experience

This 2 K9 is teaming up together to rescue possible victims during training.

Knowing that training a good and professional emergency rescue personal is difficult enough, what about training a normal dog to be as professional could be even more difficult. Nothing is better then experiencing myself, hands on to the rescue training to know more.

In this Search And Rescue (SAR) Training experience training, I am glad to be given a chance to team up with a handful real life of volunteers, Mr.Moo (President of SAR Thailand), Soo (Experience SAR Rescuer), and few other newly joined volunteer team. Together with us will be the K9, Zambezi (English Setter), Rockie (Doberman), Savannah (Golden Retriever), and Kiwi (Chihuahua).

Kiwi (Chihuahua) maybe small in size, a proper train K9 can be very powerful
Handler Is Preparing Training Of The Day with Their 2 K9

Recruiting volunteer to such Organization is never easy. Many volunteer come and go as this is not a routine things we though as easy. Only few stayed for the very passionate and mission oriented person. Those who committed fully knows that this is never a heroic task, because Volunteer does not necessary have the time, they just have the heart.

Handler Sue is explaining the Training Details

During the two days training sessions, few disaster situation was created to be as real as a happening disaster to train both SAR Dog and its handler to face difficult situations at all time. Includes Collapsed Building and Missing Person. Success rate can never be guarantee, only constant training and deployment experience improve each K9 and Handler during each Search and Rescue missions.

So training hard and training smart is always the key for K9 SAR Team to constantly improve themselves as a team between the Handler and K9. Rescue Mission is always a dangerous games, each mistake is a closing to fatal. They take no chance for error.

Zambezi (English Setter) Just Found A “Victim” During Training
Handler Giving Specific Guides & Commands To K9 During Training
Every Training Is Like A Game To Them. This How The K9 “Career” All Started

Every training is important to get both K9 and their handlers to be physically and mentally prepared while Every real mission and deployments are unique and never the same.

The Rescue-Dog Competence

Being a professional partner of the UN who gives the directive for deployment of search and rescue dogs at big disasters, IRO not only guarantees the quality of training of them but is also able to quickly react to problems in practical experience and effectively realize improvement. These teams have already proven themselves in numerous missions.

What Does It Take To Be Part Of A S.A.R. Team?

There is no rules stated that who can or can’t be a S.A.R team. If this post trigger your interest to be one of them, my advice is just remember to ask yourself :

  • Are you willing to sacrifice your every weekend to train with your dog for 4-5 hours?
  • Are you ready to get your hand dirty to search in mud, to work under extreme situations like under the hot sun, to soak in your own sweat continuously for long hours?
Each single dog might be a rescue dog – their good nose is native. To train with them can be done as sporty hobby: Numerous organisations and associations offer such programs. The playful learning of the basic skills is at the same time the beginning of the “career” of each rescue dog. There are many Voluntary K-9 units across the world. To get more details or to contribute to support, just walk into your region units.
Yes! Is possible for a Well Trained & Certified K9 (with proper approval & lots of paperwork) to fly in a Cabin just like you and me
Patiently Waiting For Their Luggage To Arrive



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Dota 2 Tournament Coming To Malaysia with total cash prize of USD250K

So excited and honoured to be part of the launch of ESL One Tournament with Resort World Genting. Yes, the first ever ESL Tournament series to be held here at Resort World Genting.

Yes It Official! This event is to be held at the Arena of Stars from 6 to 8 January 2017 and the world best Dota 2 players are expect to be drawn to the tournament that thr tournament will ultimately pit the top eight teams against each other throughout the events. Total prize money will be USD250,000 or almost equivalent to MYR1,000,000.

As earlier this year, ESL One Manila has attracted over 16,000 fans to the Mall Of Asia Arena and more then 2.5 millions unique viewers tuning in online, this will definitely be one of the biggest highlight of the year for Malaysia and Resort World Genting.

Photo 27-07-2016, 8 18 00 PM

We will be updating more information to our readers from time to time. Those who keen on following the ESL One Genting Tournament can expect an announcement very soon on ticket launching by Resort World Genting. If you are looking for first hand update, stay tune to our social media or check out ESL Official.

Ultimate Guide If Your Are Traveling To Malaysia for this Dota 2 Tournament: 


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Top 3 Best App for Singapore Travel 

Check out this Top 3 Best App when you are Travelling at Singapore. We have reviewed it and used it, these app is absolutely great for you who are planning to travel around the Singapore Cities.


Download here :   IOS    |   ANDROID

This app is pack with many features and the most useful features includes :

  • Estimated Travel Time
  • How and Where to Interchange
  • Total Fare
  • Multi Criteria Journey Planner : Optimal Route, Minimum Transfer Stations, Departure Time


Download here :  IOS    |    ANDROID

Unsure where to wait for taxi? No taxi arriving at the taxi station? No worries, turn on this app and ask for a Taxi at no extra charge. This app tell taxi driver that there is a potential passenger waiting at specific location.

We have tried to call for a taxi and a taxi just turn up in less then 3 minutes.

MySingapore Transport

Download Here :   IOS   |   ANDROID

The master app of all, giving you many features that’s smoothen your trip while you travel, below are a few Editors Choice

  • Live Traffic Camera & Updates
  • Bus Schedule & Arrival Time
  • Cycling Path
  • MidNight Busses Route



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AirAsia Warn On Scam Alert

AirAsia Berhad would like to alert the public on another online scam that has been circulating via social media stating that the airline is offering free flights to the public after they complete a survey. 

AirAsia would like to clarify that this survey is not conducted by the airline or any of its affiliates, and confirm that this is a scam which uses the AirAsia brand without authorisation. We advise the public to disregard such invitations and AirAsia shall not be held liable for any claims pertaining to the false scheme.

AirAsia would like to once again reiterate that it does not enlist third party services in organizing activities and any announcements are made via official channels such as credible mass media and our official social media channels at all times.

Airasia will not hesitate to take legal action against individuals or groups who organise illegal schemes using the AirAsia brand, and a police report has been lodged with regards to this scam. When in doubt or to report on suspected scams using the AirAsia brand, the public may get in touch with AirAsia via the following official communication channels:

Facebook: facebook.com/airasia

Twitter: twitter.com/airasia

AskAirAsia: airasia.com/ask

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The Pod Capsule Hotel Singapore

As quoted by BBC 2016, Singapore has again been judged as the world’s most expensive city but costs across the world have been highly volatile, according to researchers

So Travelling to Singapore require more attention to details if you want to save more; especially when it come yo accommodations.  Check out our new review on this unique hotel.

The POD is Singapore’s latest boutique capsule hotel catering to discerning travellers who desire comfortable and convenient stay in this bustling city .


  • located next to Haji Lane (also known for Arab Street, with many famous Arabian Food and Bar along the street)
  • 5-7 minutes walking distance to Nicol Highway MRT
  • 10 – 12 minutes walking distance to Bugis Street and Bugis MRT
  • Located directly in front of a Bus & Taxi Station.


All facilities here at The Pod Hotel are shared, including the Washroom, Shower, Shoe Rack and Dinning Area.

Shared Washroom & Basin

Shared Shoe Rack according to Bed Number

Shared Breakfast & Rest Area
Shared Breakfast & Rest Area 2

Yes is basically a backpackers bunk, but with slight touch of comfortness and a premium version of a backpackers hostel.

THE POD itself…

The Pod is very comfortable and each of it has a Digital Key Lock and a Semi Blind to cover up for privacy. In each Pod there will be International Charging Power Outlet and a Reading Light. Do not need to worry about the lights is too bright as all lights will be Turn off at 11pm.

Semi Privacy Pod (very comfortable)
Digital Key Lock Luggage Storage under each pod


  • The facilities is still consider well maintain, clean and does not have any unwanted odor.
  • Very Helpful and Cheerful Staff
  • Comfortable Bed Lining and Pillow
  • Accessible to Public Transport


  • Sharing can be fun especially during travel but when it come to unthougfull travelers can be an headach (speaking out too loud or laugh too loud ) .
  • A bit too crowded during peak hour especially for breakfasts and washroom usage.


This place is suitable for Single Business or Leisure Traveller in budget with a pinch of premium enjoyment. Short stay of 1-3 days is great.

If you are looking forward to try this hotel, Book This Hotel At Cheaper Rate Here!


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5 Important Tips For First Time Travellers

Are you flying or travelling for the first time? Welcome To The Travellers Club! Here are some guides and tips for you as the First Time Travellers!

1. Never Over Booked.

I know, aren’t we are all excited about going off for our first trip? It is so normal that new travellers always over book on so many things. We book extra luggage, every breakfast, every dinner, and perhaps every add-ons that you could possibly find on accommodations and flight. Take it easy, just confirm the BIG and MOST IMPORTANT thing, leave some room for changes in itinerary. Always allow some flexibilities when come to travel.

2. Read & Research.

Read and Research online about the destination that you are about to go, ask some friends who has been there. Know what to expect and understand the basic culture, get a bear of the local places and the public transports of the destination will be great to prepare yourself to enjoy your holidays.

3. Pack Too Much

Packing too much can end up over bring items that You Think You Need but actually You Don’t!. What worst for having overweight Luggage Allowances. Why pay more on luggage? Pack only the necessity items that is really important to you. Check out our related post on “TIPS TO TRAVEL LIGHT : PACK LIGHT & PACK LESS“. You can always Buy it there.

4. Insured YourSelf

Worry Free! Travel with no worry if anything happen to you. Insurance is not just about protecting you if something catastrophic happens, a good insurance give you more then a Health Medical Card. Check out “TOP 5 MYTHS ABOUT TRAVEL INSURANCE“.

5. Prepare To Get Lost.

Do not sign up for a Full Tour with the Travel Agency. Instead, research and plan your own Itinerary, sign up local small tour for hard to reach area. Getting Lost in a foreign country is not as scary as you can imagine, as most Travel Blogs & Website may only cover part of the interesting things to do, why not tailor made one for your own. Its you travel, not others. Spend time on the every corner of the street and explore whats not written in the Travel Books and Travel Websites.


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Travel Insurance

Why World Nomads is Crushing Tomatoes trusted travel insurance provider?

Crushing Tomatoes has partnered with WorldNomads.com to keep you travelling safely. WorldNomads.com Travel Insurance is designed for independent and adventurous travellers, with coverage for overseas medical expenses, cancellation, baggage and other expenses.

7 things you should know about travel insurance from WorldNomads.com

  1. Trusted reliable underwriters
    WorldNomads.com is backed by a suite of strong, secure, specialist travel insurers who provide you with great cover, 24 hour emergency assistance and the highest levels of support and claims management when you need it most.
  2. Value for money with the cover you need
    WorldNomads.com provides cover for what’s important for travellers from over 150 countries. By focussing on what you need and leaving out what you don’t, World Nomads prices are some of the most competitive online.
  3. Flexibility when you need it most
    Had a change of plans? You can extend your policy or claim online while you are still away. You can even buy a World Nomads policy if you’re already travelling.
  4. Cover for a range of adventure activities
    From skiing & snowboarding in New Zealand to whitewater rafting in Colorado, WorldNomads.com covers a range of adventure activities, giving you peace of mind to get the most from your travels.
  5. World Nomads keeps you travelling safely
    All WorldNomads.com members have access to up-to-date travel safety alerts, as well as travel safety advice and tips online through the World Nomads Travel Safety Hub.
  6. More than just great value travel insurance
    All WorldNomads.com members can learn the local lingo through a series of iPod & iPhone Language Guides and can stay in touch with family and friends with an online travel journal.
  7. Commitment to exceptional customer service
    We want to make sure you get the most from WorldNomads.com. You can find out more about why travel insurance is important for your trip.


OFFICIAL (1)Gear cover for the digital nomad

World Nomads travel insurance doesn’t just cover your adventure activities, we know how important it is to have cover for your tech gear as well.

For More Information & To Get a Free Quote, Please Visit World Nomads



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Top 5 Myths About Travel Insurance

If you are planning to Travel, Travel Insurance is one of the most important things that you should not ignore. Travel Insurance can help and assist to minimize the financial risks of traveling, such as accidents, illness, missed flights, lost baggage, theft, terrorism, travel-company bankruptcies, emergency evacuation, and getting your body home if you die.

Here are the Top 5 Myths About Travel Insurance that you should know :

1.Having trip protection with a credit card is sufficient!

Travel Credit Card insurance coverage is never enough. Most of these credit card provide Travel Insurance only as an additional benefits for card users, and mostly it just covering the basics and usually are not sufficient enough if there is anything happen. Any most case, card users will need to top up extended benefit in order to get better benefits.

2.I enrolled for a Travel Insurance and Everything Is Covered!

Congratulations for your smart move on getting yourself a Travel Insurance. But remember there is always fine print that policy holders normally (99%) of them does not read about it. These are the few things that may not be COVERED by your insurance :

  • Pre-Existing Health Conditions : 

    In most cases, Travel Insurance always highlight that they will not be responsible for any “Pre-Existing” Health Conditions, even if you have recovered fully. For Example : If you diagnose with Asthma way before you travel, the travel insurance will exclude the coverage for Lung Related Disease during your entire trip, which normally named by “Exclusion”.

  • Other List Of Exclusion :

    Not everything is covered! Even you are covered by Travel Insurance. There always have a full list of Exclusion, be sure you have read thru the exclusion list prior to purchase any Travel Insurance.

3.Is a waste of money and I only can claim it if something catastrophic happens.

Well that is not quite true. If you are having the right insurance, they can be really helpful in other situation too. For example, If you have lost your luggage, travel documents or even money being stolen, you will be entitle to claim your losses too. Getting an insurance is important, but getting the right insurance policy is ultimate.

4.I will buy the Travel Insurance later right before my Flight Day.

Try imagine if you have to cancel your flight due to an unexpected event, which is a covered event considerable by Travel Insurance, such as :

  • you, your fellow traveller or a close relative is unexpectedly hospitalised or dies as a result of an acute serious illness or acute serious injury;
  • you are declared medically unfit to travel

You will be saying Bye Bye to your Full Paid Trip without any refund. So get Travel Insurance on The day you start to book your Accommodations & Flights.

5.It Will Never Happen To Me. Is will just be a two days trip.. It will Be Fine…

Never take it for granted. Things happen when we are at the lease of expectation. If you are having a trip which cost you $500, and you are paying as low as $15 to secure your entire trip, isn’t it worth it? If you have travel insurance, you can spend your time and energy worrying about your crisis-ridden friend rather than haggling with individual vendors about refunding your ticket and booking costs.


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Take Stunning Travel Photo With Just Your Phone!

Although there are many argument of using a DSLR can take more precise and detail picture. But Many travellers just like you and me now use to travel very handy and light, maybe only with our Smart Phone.

In this latest post, We have connected with Hafiz; a Professional Photographer and also a Contributor for Getty Image, to joint give us some FAQs.

1. Do Smart Phone users take stunning pictures just like DSLR?

YES. it’s not about the equipment but more to the knowledge and experience of creating great photos. But of cause, nothing can beat DSLRs or Mirrorless cameras. Of course, there are limitations when using smartphones. I use DSLR/Mirrorless when i want to achieve certain goals with my photos such as being able to print big canvas and sell them later.

2. One of the best moment during Travelling is to record the moment to remember. What are the tips and tricks to take stunning travel pictures with Smart Phone Camera?

  • Keep it Simple
  • Take a picture with your eyes first.
  • Look of light source. is the scene nicely illuminated?
  • To get best composition, especially for beginners, stick to rule of thirds (RO3) to make your composition pleasing to look at. Master RO3 before learning about other composition technique. My tip – if it looks great to you, you have done it.

3. Now a days Food Photography is so popular where travellers love to share the food they are eating with their social media friends. What are the most important tips to capture a stunning food picture?


  • Lighting/correct exposure is a must. Place food on a table near to light source such as windows or lamp.
  • When taking food photos, bear in mind that you will want to make the viewer salivate when looking at the photo. Take wide and close up photos.
  • Do a google search on what kind of angle and composition is pleasing to the eyes.
  • Top view angle seems to be the hip angle nowadays

4. Frequently most Traveller have problem with Low Light Condition. What’s your advice and how can Travellers overcome this problem?


  • Tripod is your best friend. Set up your camera/smart phone on a tripod to reduce motion blurring/shaking when taking low light sceneries such cityscapes, fireworks etc.

5. You are also well known and experience for time laps. And most smart phone now do have time laps features pre-install. What are the thing we should know and prepare before taking a time laps pictures or video?

  • Tripod – placing your phone on a stable surface or use a tripod is a must.
  • Composition – always compose your shot by looking at the rule of thirds, foreground, framing, etc.
  • Scene – is the scene worth to time lapsed? are the clouds moving fast or slow? are the crowds stationery or otherwise? Time Lapse is about capturing change of scenery or movement so that when we play them later at normal speed, these change of scenery is moving at a fast pace.
  • Smartphone has the interval pre set up, so you don’t have to worry about it. just worry about your composition.

A Professional Photographer, a Time Lapse Freak, A Father Of Two Lovely Children, A Contributor to Getty Image. Hafiz Ismail is one of the well know photographers base in Malaysia since year 2008. For more of his work, visit http://imagesbyhafiz.com/.

Disclaimer : All Pictures and Videos used in this post are used with permission of owner Hafiz Ismail and Pexels. If you would be interested in these pictures or to use in any of your personal or commercial use, please kindly contacts the owner directly for permission. 


No Money To Travel : “I Am Too Poor To Travel”

This post is not only about how to get Cheapest Accommodation or Lowest Flight Rates.

Travelling with No Money is an idea of getting great deals out of your daily life. We spend everyday, on food on fashion on digital gadgets, why not spend on things that rewards us?

I always get questions and statement from readers that always say “I am too poor to travel” or “I cant afford to travel”….dadada… This mindset is so totally wrong.

giphy (11)

We all always make excuses to things we when cant get it done. “I Am Not Tall Enough For BasketBall”, “The Gym Is Too Far Away”, “I am Not Cool Enough To Get Her”, “One More Can Of Soda Does Not Hurt”.

Its the same when come to Travel, people always think that the only thing that hold them back to travel is Money. “I am Full Of Debt”, “My family are not rich”, “I am Not as lucky as you” , “I Don’t Earn As Much As You” and it goes on and on…

STOP complaining that you are too poor to travel or travel is for rich people. Travel is never an exclusive benefits for rich only. Everyone can afford to travel. The question now here is HOW?


No Money To Travel : "I Am Too Pour To Travel"

  1. GET ON A FREE FLIGHT & COMPLIMENTARY ACCOMMODATIONS: Many people aren’t aware that they can actually convert their Credit Card Point or Membership Point to Air Miles and Hotel Points. Most Credit Card, and even now Debit Card has tied up with many Airlines & Hotels to encourage their users to redeem points for extended benefits. All you have to do is to focus on just ONE (1) Card that brings the best benefits to you and charge almost everything to it to gain maximum point rewards.
  2. CANT SIGN UP FOR A CREDIT CARD? Come on there are still many awesome deal out there you just don’t know it yet. Below are a few things that you can tap on to get Free Holidays :
    • Contest To Win Travel Packages : Many Advertisers and Sponsors are giving a way free travel package to promote their services.
    • Shop at Specific Rewards Stores : Most Stores now days are giving a way Complimentary Membership. Shop there to gain rewards point to redeem points for flights and accommodations.


    1. SIGN UP AS A FREE MEMBER : Many travel agencies (especially the Online Travel Agency) constantly giving out best deal of the day. They even offer to email you these awesome deals right to your mailbox. Why not just sign up and get free updates? It does not hurt at all.
    2. SOME WEBSITE TO GET GREAT DEALS : Agoda | Booking| Expedia | Google Flight



How often do you travel at your own country? Hardly, right? Travelling in your own country make you spend lesser or literally nothing. If you are short of time and does not plan to spend too much, pack up some cloths and set off to wonder around your cities. Simply key in some of the cities that you are living in on Google and you maybe surprise that there are many places you can go that you don’t event know it exist.

Start Small, Start Now, Pack Up and Travel!



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How Travel Makes You An Awesome Person?

Believe it or not, we learn a lot of things through our Travel, just that we might not realise it. How and why travel make you an awesome person? Here are a few points about how travelling can change your outlook on life and transform you into a better person.



1. A Good Way To Be YourSelf and Be Alone (if you travel solo)

Travel often one of the best way to be know yourself and be yourself. Travel is not always about rushing for your itinerary, sometimes you can just take a break at the coffee shop by the beach and absolutely doing nothing else.

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2. Cherish The Little Thing You Missed In Your Life

Feeling extreme comfort place in the world call Home that we always take things for granted and always complaining the food your mums cook is not as fancy as the restaurant. Travelling makes your try different thing in life out of your comfort zone. Eating a food that feel like left over not as good as your homeland make you miss your mums home cooking and sleeping in a tiny thin blanket in a freezing cold night makes your miss how comfortable is your bed at home.

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3. Teaches You How To Communicate Better

Communicate with the locals is the best way to travel around and understand the destination culture. Looking for the best food in town? Asking for Directions? Start Talking to someone there. Undoubtably it slowly polish up your communication skills without you realising it.

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4. It Open Your Mind and Be Smarter

When you traveller and communicate with locals, you have opportunity to learn more and see more things that normally does not get to know back in school. So travelling broaden your mind and makes your more knowledgable.

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5. Makes Your Less Fearless

People’s mind change when they stop being afraid. Don’t follow others footsteps, avoid signing up for guided tours. Instead, get on the map and explore yourself. You will be amazed what you can to explore more.

Over time, I’ve conquered more and more fears, like the fear of getting eaten when swimming with sharks, and the fear of making a mistake when learning a new language, just by doing those very things. Traveling has made me so much braver, both on the road and at home,” – Matt Long – Professional Travel Blogger

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6. Your Tend To Give Way To Disappointment

Nothing in our plan always work, no matter how much research and careful planning of our travel itinerary, things goes wrong sometimes. There are times when you are unable to visit a location due to rain, miss a scheduled bus or the restaurant you looking for has relocated. We does not get disappointed on this. Instead, we move on to look out for more opportunities or other place to visit that are not even in our scheduled itinerary. This is what you will experience and learn through our travel vacation.

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7. Travel Open Our Eye and Our Mind

When you see people going about their daily existence in ways very different from our own, it can open your eyes to how similar you are to them, and how different. Then we tend to appreciate more on our live and what we already have.

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8. Make You Miss Your Love

Have you though of when is your last time you give your mum a big hug and tell her you love her and missing her food she prepare for you everyday? Cant Recall Dont You?

When you travel, as you live away from the home-cooked food and frequent hangouts with your best friends, you tend to realise how important these person are in your life. Technically travelling means you are physically moving away from your loved ones, but in real fact, you become even closer to them mentally. You just does’n know it.

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9. You Get Sexier

We all know we aged faster when we are on Stress. When you travel, we tend to be much more relax (sometimes you just don’t know it) and carefree. This make you more confident and radiant glow from deep inside you, and you will aged slower, making you more sexier.

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10. Why Wait? Jet Set Go!

Travelling make a person better and smarter. We learn a lot from travel through different countries and culture. We pushes our boundaries to explore, we try new food that we don’t normally eat,  we communicate with strangers that we do not know.

So Why Wait? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be planning your next adventure now.


Want to share your tips and advice? Got questions? Please comment below.


7 Most Unique Boutique Hotel To Stay in Malaysia

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 8.42.10 PM.pngM Boutique Hotel, IPOH

M Boutique Ipoh Hotel pays tribute to the Straits Eclectic Architecture synonymous with the Pre War Shop houses found littered across Ipoh, both inside out. Spotting small cozy rooms that is enveloped in our urban vintage interpretation, M Boutique Ipoh Hotel is a whimsical artistic experience in Ipoh.

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 8.47.20 PM.png

Hotel Maison Boutique, Kuala Lumpur

The Hotel Maison Boutique, in its quest to spruce and liven up the KL hotel scene, believes it has something unique to offer; nuggets of inspirational abodes you’ll probably thought only exist in Vegas or Paris.


Container Gardenstay, Kuala Lumpur

Unique Container Garden Stay Hotel located in the City Centre of Kuala Lumpur.


Seaventures Rig

Seaventures Dive Rig is a dive platform and resort based in Sipadan, Borneo, Malaysia. It still maintains the allure and spirit of a working rig yet the rooms are more comfortable, the food highly acclaimed, service exemplary and diving world class. Read more about the history here. The Seaventures dive resort truly is a novelty alternative to any dive resort and is ideal for divers wanting to maximise their diving — especially if you only have a few days to dive. Best of all, it is situated in one of the diving industry’s renowned top dive destinations commonly ranked as being one of the world’s best.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 12.46.04 PM.png

The Happy 8 Retreat

The Happy 8 Retreat @ Ipoh is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the city’s heritage and culture. The hotel is located close to the city center and surrounded by mouthwatering and savory food delicacies. Guests can enjoy easy access to Ipoh Town Hall and Birch Memorial Clock Tower which are within walking distance of the hotel. With its location, The Happy 8 Retreat @ Old Town is one of the most convenient hotels for guests to tour around the heritage buildings. Guests can choose from 18 rooms, all of which exude an atmosphere of blending nature with art and furnished with a wooden floor and wood furniture. The hotel also provides great facilities for guests’ greatest comfort such as internet access, complementary bottled water , an LCD TV, ironing facilities, and non- smoking rooms . The amenities included in each room ensure that your stay at The Happy 8 Retreat @ Old Town will be a comfortable one.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 12.47.55 PM.pngCheong Fatt Tze Mansion

A stroll around The Blue Mansion reveals a deep mastery in the artistry and craftsmanship of the building. With its roots dating 3,000 years back to the Su Chow dynasty, the Mansion embodies a confluence of Hakka and Teochew styles along with intrinsic Southern Chinese typologies and materials. While monumentally traditional in design, the Blue Mansion also bears an eclectic architectural trait that exemplifies the 19th century era. It is at this time when the myths and magic of the Chinese Kingdom converge with the glory of the British Empire within the Malay world. The Blue Mansion also demonstrates both Cheong Fatt Tze’s deepening fascination with Western artisanship and his rising stature as a Chinese official.

The Blue mansion’s mélange of diverse influences and motifs may appear incongruous at first, but a closer look unearths an arresting architectural mosaic of Scottish cast-iron balusters contrasted with Cantonese timber lattices; English Art Nouveau stained glass with Hokkien cut and paste porcelain Chien Nien works; Chinese calligraphy against trompe l’oeil timber beams. It is in The Blue Mansion where you’ll find various cultures and aesthetics coalesce gracefully and elegantly.


Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 12.53.37 PM.png

YouniQ Hotel

the youniQ is the Hotel that doesn’t play by the rule- They create our own! the youniQ Hotel offers an ultimate comfort with style and yet providing price tag within reach!



If you have other suggestions or anything to add on, we welcome feedbacks and comment right below this post.


Top 10 Greatest Travel Books

Off the Map: 25 True Stories to Inspire Your Next Adventure

When was the last time you saw something truly extraordinary? If you have to think about it, it’s probably been too long. But it’s never too late to write your next story, and to go on your next adventure. In partnership with Cayman Jack, Thought Catalog presents a collection of 25 travel stories to inspire you to leave behind the predictable and take to the open road in search of the unforgettable. Your next great memory is waiting for you, whether you realize it or not. And these exceptional stories will help you find it.

Strangers Have the Best Candy: How talking to strangers leads to a life of crazy adventure and lasting friendship

In STRANGERS HAVE THE BEST CANDY, full-time adventurer Margaret Meps Schulte casts caution to the wind, striking up conversations with laughing, crying, boozing, and topless strangers all over the USA and beyond. Their stories, and the resulting hijinks and friendships, are her candy, her rewards for breaking the rules about talking to strangers. Schulte’s powerful narrative brings unlikely real people into the light, from Betty, the vivacious mayor of a small town in Newfoundland, to Boopsie, a skinny-dipping breast cancer survivor. The book features over 100 pen-and-ink illustrations of chance encounters, elusive and fleeting scenes that could never have been photographed. These humorous, heartwarming tales will inspire readers of all ages to talk to strangers and meet new people. Schulte shows us how to set aside fear and judgment to look for connection and serendipity in our own lives.

Humans of New York : Stories

Photographer Brandon Stanton began an ambitious project —to single-handedly create a photographic census of New York City. The photos he took and the accompanying interviews became the blog Humans of New York. In the first three years, his audience steadily grew from a few hundred to over one million. In 2013, his book Humans of New York, based on that blog, was published and immediately catapulted to the top of the NY Times Bestseller List. It has appeared on that list for over twenty-five weeks to date. The appeal of HONY has been so great that in the course of the next year Brandon’s following increased tenfold to, now, over 12 million followers on Facebook. In the summer of 2014, the UN chose him to travel around the world on a goodwill mission that had followers meeting people from Iraq to the Ukraine to Mexico City via the photos he took. Now, Brandon is back with the follow up to Humans of New York that his loyal followers have been waiting for: Humans of New York: Stories. Ever since Brandon began interviewing people on the streets of NY, the dialogue he’s had with them has increasingly become as in-depth, intriguing and moving as the photos themselves. Humans of New York: Stories presents a whole new group of humans, complete with stories that delve deeper and surprise with greater candor. Let Brandon Stanton and the people he’s photographed astonish you.

The Mountain: My Time on Everest

In bestseller The Mountain, world-renowned climber and bestselling author Ed Viesturs and cowriter David Roberts paint a vivid portrait of obsession, dedication, and human achievement in a true love letter to the world’s highest peak. In The Mountain, veteran world-class climber and bestselling author Ed Viesturs—the only American to have climbed all fourteen of the world’s 8,000-meter peaks—trains his sights on Mount Everest in richly detailed accounts of expeditions that are by turns personal, harrowing, deadly, and inspiring.

The Bowery Boys: Adventures in Old New York: An Unconventional Exploration of Manhattan’s Historic Neighborhoods, Secret Spots and Colorful Characters

The Bowery Boys podcast is a phenomenon, thrilling audiences each month with one amazing story after the next. Now, in their first-ever book, the duo gives you an exclusive personal tour through New York’s old cobblestone streets and gas-lit back alleyways.

Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Road Trip

The bestselling author of Investment Biker is back from the ultimate road trip: a three-year drive around the world that would ultimately set the Guinness record for the longest continuous car journey. In Adventure Capitalist, legendary investor Jim Rogers, dubbed “the Indiana Jones of finance” by Time magazine, proves that the best way to profit from the global situation is to see the world mile by mile. “While I have never patronized a prostitute,” he writes, “I know that one can learn more about a country from speaking to the madam of a brothel or a black marketeer than from meeting a foreign minister.”

Behind the wheel of a sunburst-yellow, custom-built convertible Mercedes, Rogers and his fiancée, Paige Parker, began their “Millennium Adventure” on January 1, 1999, from Iceland. They traveled through 116 countries, including many where most have rarely ventured, such as Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Angola, Sudan, Congo, Colombia, and East Timor. They drove through war zones, deserts, jungles, epidemics, and blizzards. They had many narrow escapes. They camped with nomads and camels in the western Sahara. They ate silkworms, iguanas, snakes, termites, guinea pigs, porcupines, crocodiles, and grasshoppers.

Miles from Nowhere: A Round the World Bicycle Adventure

This is the delightful and often humorous story of an around-the-world bicycle trip taken by two young people, Barbara and Larry Savage. <P>It took them two years and 25 countries. Along the way, these neophyte cyclists encountered warm-hearted strangers, bicycle-hating drivers, rock-throwing Egyptians, over-protective Thai policemen, and great personal joys. They returned to a new life in Santa Barbara, one Barbara never lived to savor. She was killed in a street accident, Barbara and her bicycle vs. a truck.

Expedition to climb Mt McKinley’s West Buttress (Footsteps on the Mountain travel diaries Book 20)

79% of climbers had reached the summit that season, and the normal success rate was just 50%. Surely that meant it was a good year to climb Denali?

There had been an unprecedented spell of good weather on the peak known as Mt McKinley, one of the Seven Summits, a peak notorious for its severe conditions and cold temperatures that trapped climbers in storms for days on end. This year people were climbing straight up and reaching the summit without a hitch, and coming back down again days ahead of schedule.

Would the weather hold, or would they find themselves fighting to survive in the teeth of a storm? This is Mark’s account of his expedition to climb Denali’s West Buttress as part of a commercial team, and contains lots of useful advice, like not falling asleep while using a pee bottle, how to avoid bonking on the trail, and how to make a sledge travel in the right direction by shouting at it.

Grand Adventures

Adventure – something that’s new and exhilarating, outside your comfort zone. Adventures change you and how you see the world, and all you need is an open mind, bags of enthusiasm and boundless curiosity.

So what’s a GRAND ADVENTURE – it is the most life-changing, career-enhancing, personality-forging, fun adventure of your life.

Following on from his popular Microadventures, in Grand Adventures Alastair Humphreys shines a spotlight on the real-life things that get in the way: stuff like time, money or your other commitments. Grand Adventures is also crammed with hard-won wisdom from people who have actually been there and done that: by boat and boot, car and kayak, bicycle and motorbike. People who had one epic trip then returned to normal life, or who got bitten so badly by the bug that they devoted their life to the pursuit of adventure. Young people, old people. Men, women. Mates, couples, families. Extraordinary, inspiring people. People like you.

Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster

In 1999, Krakauer received an Academy Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters–a prestigious prize intended “to honor writers of exceptional accomplishment.”  According to the Academy’s citation, “Krakauer combines the tenacity and courage of the finest tradition of investigative journalism with the stylish subtlety and profound insight of the born writer.  His account of an ascent of Mount Everest has led to a general reevaluation of climbing and of the commercialization of what was once a romantic, solitary sport; while his account of the life and death of Christopher McCandless, who died of starvation after challenging the Alaskan wilderness, delves even more deeply and disturbingly into the fascination of nature and the devastating effects of its lure on a young and curious mind.”

The Only Photography App You Need When You Travel!

Mobile Phones and Tablet now a days can make each of us a ‘potentially’ great photographers. Some of you may have too many editing apps and most of the time unsure of using which? Why waste your mobile or table space with so many app?

This particular post I will be sharing with you the only few apps that we use to create Stunning Photography. These app are one of the top list in your download store and definitely give a WOW factor to your travel photo.


unnamed (2).png


One of my favourite app of all time! Its Free! Its Powerful! This is the only app I use for Photo Editing for Scenery & LandScaping.  This app is very easy to use and its as powerful as its on other desktop editing app. With just a few click and adjustment on editing button, you may get great result photos.

Some of the Great Features that i love to use are as below :

  • Tune Image (from Brightness, Contrast, Ambiance and Shadows)
  • Ready Filters (Drama, HDR Scape, Vignette and Tonal Contrast)
  • Save A Copy Feature (whereby you can save a copy of you picture without interfering your original picture, so that you can re-edit again next time)

Free Download Here :   IOS    |    ANDROID



So what next after you get edit and get an awesome picture? Join the community of over 400 million people and express yourself by sharing photos and videos from your day whether it’s your morning routine or the trip of a lifetime.

Sometimes if I am looking for much faster photo editor and simple filter, Instagram is always the easier choice to quickly edit and share photos. Whats our Favorite Filter? Try check out Valencia, X-Pro II and Clarendon.

Follow us @crushingtomatoes

Free Download Here :   IOS    |    ANDROID

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 7.52.04 PM.png


This is one of the best app for SELFIES & BEAUTY CAM. This app is rank 3rd in this blog is because i dont recommend to use this app to take picture, but rather to edit pictures especially for SELFIES, SMART STICKERS EFFECT AND BEAUTY IMPROVEMENT features. Great Tools for those who want to show fair and smooth complexion.

Free Download Here :   IOS    |    ANDROID

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 8.12.46 PM.png


Out of space in your phone? Looking for instant backup on all your precious moment? Be it Documents, Photo or Video, We always backup using Dropbox. Extremely friendly user interface and its as easy as upload and download, whereby you can access your files across all digital devices at anytime with access security password.

Free Download Here :   IOS    |    ANDROID




If you have other suggestions or anything to add on, we welcome feedbacks and comment right below this post.


5 Must Have Travel App while you are travelling

There are so many types and kind of travel app in your App Store or Google Play Store. But what are the MUST HAVE TRAVEL APP to help you travel better? Below are a list of Travel Apps that I always use during my trip and I would like to share with all of you here:




Have it everywhere. Capture a note once, and it’s instantly available on all your devices. Never worry about where you saved something because it’s in Evernote, and Evernote is wherever you are. This app is good to save additional copy of your travel document just incase you lost it. Free Download Here :   IOS    |    ANDROID





Outsmart Traffic & Don’t Get Lost. A community run map that show you your destination traffic with live updates. I always use this to mark my location especially my hotel just incase I am lose somewhere else.  Free Download Here :   IOS    |    ANDROID




BEST CURRENCY RATE REFERENCES. Its common for travellers to exchange for more local destination currency just incase if you insufficient fund. This app gave you an universal guidelines of the latest currency rate, but it is subject to local bank rate and fee applied.  Free Download Here :   IOS    |    ANDROID




Reliable & Skip The Taxi Que. Most of the countries now will have Uber services, if you are having a tiring day after a shopping session or looking for a public transport ride but wishes to skip the long que for taxi? Turn on this app to get a quick confirmation of your ride and it will arrive at your door step within minutes. I always travel with Uber most of the time while i travelling especially in the cities. Its quick and safer in certain countries. Free Download Here :   IOS    |    ANDROID

unnamed (1).png

Google Translate


Quick Translation Reference. Great app to use if you are travelling to a destination or region who does not speak your language. This app helps you to translate basic languages from the Menu, Road Sign, Documents and more. Its always to have a personal translator while you are travelling. Free Download Here :   IOS    |    ANDROID

Remember, you dont need too many apps to travel around. All you need is the essential apps to help you travel better. 



If you have other suggestions or anything to add on, we welcome feedbacks and comment right below this post.


Ultimate Tips to Travel Light : Pack Light & Pack Less

While on the previous post on Ultimate Guide For Carry On Luggage, here I would like to share with you on how you can Travel Lighter, Pack Lighter and Pack Less!

Carry on is very important to me, if i a have choice, i always prefer to travel with carry on unless is really a long (more then a week or two) business or travel trip. So i always find ways to pack light and pack less, one of the best way is to Buy There! Yes you heard it right! Well since we will be travelling, shop at the local destinations could be a real fun experience too!



It does not matter if you are travelling for a short or long trip. Liquid allowance in major airports are strictly controlled, which may cause a big hassle especially if you are on a carry on luggage.


  1. Your basic skin care needs (especially for ladies)
  2. Basic Make Up needs
  3. Contact Lenses Solution ( travel pack )


  1. Body Wash, Shampoo & Conditional : People wash their body and hair in other parts of the world too, so you’ll find shampoo just about everywhere. Whats more, most hotel or even backpackers dorm do provide basics like these too.
  2. Body Lotion, Hairspray, HairGel, Sunscreen, Bug Spray, and much more : Some of these items pricing maybe slight higher at your destination, but it set off with the hassle and additional baggage weight you might need to pay for. So its definitely worth it!

Just remember that all your liquids should be place in a transparent sealable bag with total liquid of not more then 1 Liter in total. 


Like wise mention, Pharmacy also exist all around the world. It is always important to have some basic first aid items by yourself just incase. So you can easily get one at just a fraction of the price when you need it.

Important Note : if you are taking prescriptions, please make sure you talk to your medical doctor, as Common prescriptions can often be filled in other parts of the world as long as you have the prescription written out with the generic name. So just bring enough prescriptions for your trip and if you need additional, you can easily get it at the local drug stores.

Always organize your prescriptions according to days and dosage that is sufficient for your entire trip.


If you are Travelling to a destination which are humid and dry, try to pack up singlet or softer material clothing as they are way much lighter and consume lesser space in your luggage. 

For me who always travel to hot climate countries, I always love to just pack cloth enoug for few days and shop at the local store; to be suprise that you may also get cheap and special design or unique cloths too. 

If possible most of the time I’ll look for accommodations which include washing services, this way I can wash up my sweaty cloths and wear it back the next day. 

But if you are Travelling from a hot climate to a cold climate destination, bringing along a winter jacket with you can be too heavy and consume too much space. Consider getting a cheap winter jacket or even try research for a second hand store since you don’t need it when you are back to your own country. 



If you have better suggestions or anything to add one, we welcome feedbacks and comment right below this post.

Ultimate Guide for Traveling Carry On Luggage Only

With Travelling by Air is one of the most preferred way in most travelling and Airlines are ratcheted up baggage fees, what worst is most Airlines are very strict now on the hand carry luggage size and weight. May travellers, especially myself is constantly looking for possibilities to travel light with my Carry on Luggage without checkin in for a short trip.

Here is what you will need to expect and how you do it!

While I have flown numbers of trips with just carry on, including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, its really possible if you’ll be taking small, regional flights within your destination or even for much longer trips. It’s totally possible if you can eliminate the excess!


    • Potential Faster Que . You may skip the drop off baggage since you have a carry on and proceed straight to the security check prior to boarding. But make sure you organize your carry on luggage especially the allowed items and liquid that can be bring on board. Hence, make sure you have a bag scale at home first that does not exit the allowed baggage weight.
    • You may need more Overhead Luggage Space . Since you maybe carrying slightly more items with you in a bigger luggage, you may want to be the first few to board the plane earlier to secure a bigger overhead luggage space.
    • Wait Less & Worry Less . Since you are not checking in your bag, you may wait less by skipping the baggage carousel after a long flight, or being worry on missing luggage.
    • Safe More for your trip. Checking in fewer baggage, you pay lesser.
    • Improve Packing Skills . You need to learn and research on how to pack only important and must bring items with you. Check out our post on how to Pack Lighter and Travel Lighter


The IATA guideline at one time stated: Cabin baggage should have a maximum length of 56 cm (22 inches), width of 45 cm (18 inches) and depth of 25 cm (10 inches). But of cause depending on the Airline that you are booked, it is important check the size and weight requirements of the airline you’ll be flying.

This is a summary of the Dimensions for different Airlines on Hand Carry.

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 8.00.03 PM.png
Photo Credit SkyScanner

Type Of Recommended Carry On Luggage

I personally would recommend Carry on Luggage with 2 Roller (or 4 Roller will be even better) to skate thru the long walk within the airport. Most importantly is to have the below security feature :



Hard Cover Carry On Luggage : You would know how your baggage will be handled during the entire trip. To protect your items (even if there its no fragile items in your bag), you can at least protect it from rain or water entering your baggage.


Carry On Luggage Scale : Always helps you to ensure you are not over the allowed limit allowed as baggage allowance for carry on in different airline maybe slightly various.



If you have better suggestions or anything to add one, we welcome feedbacks and comment right below this post.

Win a 10 day travel writing road trip across Australia

Always wanted to start off a travel blog and unsure how to start and where to start? Good New! Our partner World Normad will be sending 3 talented aspiring travel writers to the land down-under – on an Australian road trip.

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