Different Between Boutique Hotel & Normal Hotel

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A boutique hotel has to have different theme in each of the room depends on what is the theme of the hotel, it may be cartoons, aquarium or different culture. An original boutique hotel has to have a different theme if it is an ocean theme the hotel room has to decorate it as if you are are sleeping in the ocean, some even has sands and rocks in the room but it’s really hard to find one.

“Most of the boutiques hotel have several rooms for each of them but nowadays i find that as long as the hotels have less than 100 rooms they call themselves boutique or they just segregate them as different view like pool view, garden view or sea view” said Jan Kelley, A Widely travel for business and leisure. 

Most travellers are constantly seeking unique travel experience; this experience includes staying a Unique Boutique Hotel. Most boutique hotel are located slightly off the main street, which provide a more quiet and peaceful staying experience. So what are the key elements that a hotel must have in order to entitle to be the real boutique hotel? 



You know you are booking the right Boutique Hotel when you notice every small details are being customize according to the theme too. From the complimentary water and snack bar to your check in room key.


As i am frequently travelling, I do not only believe on the facts that the hotel is telling me, especially the pictures of their room are highly edited for visual purposely only. I like going thru blogs, review, comment from a few third party (just like what you are doing now ^^) portal to ensure that this is the hotel that you really want. 

Lastly, strictly to say that a really unique Boutique Hotel have its own and bold characters that you do not see it anywhere else. So if you are looking into something different on your next trip, do consider to find a real Boutique Hotel and pamper yourself. 

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