Google Trip; the new traveller app

Leaked news shows that Google is testing a new app name “Google Trip” is now in beta version. According to AndroidWorld, this is a brand new app for travellers by Google. It is an early test version of the travel assistant, which is now being tested by Local Guides: users who contribute a lot to like Google Maps. 8f269b_c7b37b8c89204ada997d64a790f34959

In the new travel app from Google shows your upcoming trips, while you can find for instance booked flights and accommodation. To ensure that you entertain, there is also a list of places to visit and there are several types of activities. In the travel information you can also see information about the transportation. There is just like a normal travel guide to find information about public transport, taxis and on about (rental) cars. Google also gives you more information on how to properly do it for walking and cycling in the city that you’re visiting and some include local traffic.



Currently Google Trips can only be used by selected local guides from level 2 or higher who have registered for the test phase of Google Trips. When the app is available to everyone? Google has not announce about it yet, stay tune for more updates

According to TechCrunch, they asked a Google spokesperson only provided this comment on the Trips app: “We love to travel and are hard at work dreaming up new ways to make the travel experience hassle-free. While we do that, sit tight and keep on using our amazing tools like Google Flights, Hotel Search and Destinations on Google to plan your next adventure.”

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