Malaysia Traveller Sim Card

I have constantly receiving questions about how to have mobile phone service on the go the cheapest way in Malaysia? There is a few options for travellers to keep in touch with Family, Friends or even Social Media on the go the CHEAP WAY.


Is always NOT ADVISABLE to use your own country carrier line. While this is extremely convenient for you but it can be ASTRONOMICALLY expensive.But if you are travelling for a very short period of time (2 to 3 days can be acceptable) if you prefer the convenience. Just remember to put your mobile phone into Airplane Mode, or you will be receiving an extremely high phone bill which may cost more than your vacation. 


In Malaysia there are few major carriers that offer Traveller Sim, a package which include basic call services together with Mobile Internet services. My guide below shows you each Malaysia Sim Card Pros & Cons as a reference. If you wish to skip all these reference, skip to the last part of this post for recommendation straight away.

(1) DIGI is always introducing new Mobile Data Plan at least few times a year to attract more users to subscribe to their services. Below are the plans available for now :


  • MYR8.00 (Starter Pack)
  • Free Basic Internet
  • 5sen/30Sec Call to Top 10 Friends (you can register your team mates in same mobile network for this special rate)
  • Weekly Internet Add On : MYR7.00 | 300MB 4G LTE | Unlimited Whatsapp


(2) CELCOM claim themselves to have the widest 4G LTE coverage in Malaysia. In real facts, this carrier is actually more strong in outside cities area. So if you are planning to go outside of main cities to visit the nature, rural area, beaches and hiking, Celcom maybe a good choice.


  • MYR3 is preloaded in the pack but you are recommended to reload from as low as MYR50 to enjoy longer validity period.
  • VOICE CALL : MYR0.36 per 30 Seconds
  • MOBILE DATA PLAN : MYR5 (Daily) | MYR18 (Weekly) | MYR38 (Monthly)


(3) MAXIS always brand themselves to have the fastest 4G LTE Service in Malaysia. In real facts, they provide little options for users to choose in terms of plans.


  • MYR10.00 Pre loaded with MYR5 Credit & 300MB Internet (that only valid for TWO DAYS).
  • MOBILE DATA PLAN : MYR3 Per day (1GB)


(4) U MOBILE sim pack are likely more simple and very affordable compare to all the available carrier here. Below are the current package available :


  • MYR15 for 500MB Internet (15 Days).
  • MYR30 for 30 Days, with FREE 30 Mins Call to All Network
  • TOP UP MYR1 per day to get UNLIMITED FREE CALL for 24hours.


(5) TUNE TALK by Air Asia are less aggressive in promoting their products. Although they do offer the simplest plan overall, but the sim pack offer up to 75 days validity base on activation / reload date. An overall winner in terms of validity.

  • MYR35 for 1GB Data + MYR5 Call Time


(6) YES Malaysia is one of the first carrier to offer 4G LTE service in Malaysia. One of the fastest and smoothest network you can ever find here. The only down point is that YES coverage area are mainly in Main Cities only.

  • Pay as you use at 9 sen [Per 3MB]


So after all the confusing plans available in Malaysia, which is the most recommended carrier for you who are travelling here soon? Check out my simply answer below :





Still unsure and need help to choose a correct plan? Please leave comment below with your question. We try our best to help you out.



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35 thoughts on “Malaysia Traveller Sim Card”

      1. So sorry but may I ask one more question ‘cos I dont really understand this field. What does “RM3 is preloaded in the pack but you are recommended to reload from as low as RM50 to enjoy longer validity period.” mean? I dont quite get it.

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  1. Hi, I have Sony Xperia C4 with 4G LTE line and will be going to to Lawas (1 night before going to KK) then to KK (for at least 4-5days stay) after those trip, I’ll be going to Miri (1 night) Can you please tell me which is suitable? Thank you :)

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  2. Hello.. I am from USA and have a 4G Samsung S3 Verizon phone. I was told by them it is Unlocked and can be used with any other Sim from different country. I am not sure, I buy their word unless somebody has really done so! Do you have any knowledge if US 4g LTE verizon phone will work in Kualalumpur? I will be there for 5 days in early December. Thank You

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  3. Hi i’ll be heading to Sunway for a 6 day trip, not sure which plan to get and where to get it from. Coming from Singapore, would it be advisable to purchase the traveler sim from here or after landing in KLIA? I presume there are stalls in the airport to purchase these sim cards? Its my first time in KLIA so i’m not too familiar with the layout there. Thanks for your help!

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  4. I’ll be going to Malaysia to visit mostly bukit bintang and places around it for only 4 days. I think I will only need internet data to stay connect for WA and line, use maps, and will need to make some local call to book grab or hotel. which sim card do you suggest? thanks before :)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hey, I´m going to Pulau Kapas for 8 days (Island kind of in the middle of nowhere) and I just need it for whats app and social media, Which one would you recommend me?
    Thank you sooo much, great article!

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  6. Hi I am going Penang for 5D4N next week and just need data plan to keep in touch via Whatsapp/Viber, call cab using Uber/Grab and use social media. May I know which would you recommend? I saw on some other websites that Hotlink is the best for Penang. Thank you!


  7. Hi. I will be travelling to KL for 8 days. I will be making calls locally and few times internationally to Fiji. I will also be using mobile internet to access emails and apps. Which would be the best and most cheapest mobile carrier plan to go with?

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  8. Hi,
    I am going for 3 weeks to Malaysia and I am very looking forward to it. But I think I will need approx 8 to 9 GB data (LTE) and a few calls (locally .. a very few to Europe). I definitely need a SIM for data and prob another for calls (I do have 2 devices). We are situated in KL, Penang and Pulau Redang most of the time. I consider MAXIS or CELCOM – do you have any other recommendation?
    Thanx, Bernd

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  9. Hi.. I will be going to jb and kl for 5days.. If i would to purchase at celcom traveller sim card and top up MYR18 for weekly mobile data, will it be unlimited internet or just 1GB? I mostly use internet for whatsapp and other social media..


  10. how does one get the traveler sim card for digi or any othe rnetwrok? what documenst are required? do we have to surrender the sim back?

    Also i have to make international calls which network is better?


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  11. Hi, thanks for your useful recommendation. What would you recommend for an 11-day trip that includes KL, Melaka and Johor Bahru? I would need phone and data, calling Malaysian numbers only. I assume the best is prepaid for tourists.

    We are also going on to Singapore for another 5 days after that. Would you recommend purchasing another prepaid plan in Singapore, or do any of the Malaysian plans include a decent service in SG?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Darwin, you can try to use DIGI Prepaid or CELCOM Traveller Sim. Both are equally stable & affordable compare to other Telco. if you are in cities. This two Telco can be easily get at the Airport after Custom Check.

      And if you are travelling to Singapore, is always good to get a Traveller Sim pack in Singapore, is way must cheaper. For Singapore Traveller Sim, you can go for SingTel or StarHub, both have smooth internet connections too.

      Have A Safe Journal and Enjoy Your Holiday!


  12. I will be travelling to Penang and KL for 7 days. Need your advice on which service provider and plan to go for, if I will be mainly using the phone for social media and whatsapp. Thanks.

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    1. Hi Yain Ping, You can go for :

      (1) DIGI Internet Prepaid Sim; weekly internet package as they offer unlimited Whatsapp & Wechat. Upon activation just dial *116*1*1*1# to get this promo.

      (2) Hotlink Prepaid for 2.2GB for RM7
      [200MB + free 2GB*] (Weekly) OR 2.6GB for RM10 [600MB + free 2GB*] (Weekly) with unlimited SOCIAL MEDIA


  13. Hi I just want a simple basic SIM card for my old NOKIA phone which I always travel with. Only phone calls and SMS to use in KL and Penang over 7 days (mainly in town area). Thanks

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  14. Hi, what exactly is the free “basic internet” under Digi’s plan? Is that 3G or 2G, or something else?

    What do you think is best for a 3 day trip, mostly in the city centre, with heavy data use? It would be best to have a bit of call / text capability, but data is most important to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kate. Basic internet means if your data exit the purchase limit it will be throat down to very slow internet (for example if you purchase 1GB internet for 4GLTE, if you have use up the data of 1GB … After that you will only have 64kbps unlimited). Yes is extremely slow, you can’t event load Facebook most of the time.

      For your usage as per describe by you, I may recommend you to try the new DIGI SMART PREPAID PLAN ( @ MYR10 nett.

      You may opt to top up additional Mobile Internet if you need more @MYR30 (2.25GB) / MYR38 (3 GB) / MYR48 (4.5GB) and so on.

      As their promo always change, you can get their PrePaid Traveller Sim at the exit of Malaysia Internaional Airport. Just look for the Big yellow Logo name DIGI.


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