Cheapest Way To Get Around in Malaysia

pexels-photo-93750-large.jpegExplore this giant city like a local. Whats better than getting advice from an experience Travel Blog who are here in Asia Countries for over 30 Years?

Depending if you are reading from many other forum or travel blogs, People around the world has a different perception on Malaysia. In this country, it is a combination of a Jam Packed City with multi nation food heaven and eco tourism with renowned once of the best place for divers in Asia Countries.

For travellers, Malaysia can be a difficult place to visit. So what is the best way to travel around in the chaotic, jam-packed city with soaring skyscrapers or city hopping? Below are Crushing Tomatoes Ultimate Guide for Getting Around Malaysia :


Proton_Iswara_taxis,_Kuala_Lumpur.jpgTaxi are metered in Malaysia as required by Government Law. But you may find scenario of Taxi Drivers turning off the Meter to negotiate a fare (that is usually double or triple) the actual meter fair. This scenario generally happen in Asia Countries especially Main City Area, especially on Morning & Afternoon rush hour, sometimes also during festive season and weekends. If you encounter this, simply get out of the cab and flag the next taxi. In certain reputable Shopping Centre, they do offer a Taxi Counter where there is a fix fare. This is a normal scenario to prevent the Taxi Drivers over charging a customers.



There are many local bus in both Cities and Urban Area operating in Malaysia, cost as low as MYR2.00 onwards. There are few companies who operate this busses around different town; Rapid KL & Metro Bus for example, operating on different routes. So unless you are an Adventurous Travellers, taking the right Bus to the right destination can be confusing if you are unfamiliar or have not research about the bus you need to hope on.

Important note to know, although there are many bus operating around the city’s area, you may be surprised that some places (urban area especially)  that there is not proper bus stand facilities, you may need to ask around where to wait for the bus or you maybe end up on the wrong location.

To help you travel safer and more accurate, we have compile all the latest route available which you can print or download it to your mobile here as a reference.


Kuala_Lumpur_Star_LRT.jpgIf you would like avoid hopping on the wrong bus to the wrong destination. Another cheapest way to travel around Kuala Lumpur is by using LRT. This railway services have few extension route to famous tourist destination like KLCC, Petronas Twin Tower, Bukit Bintang and more.

Tips To SAVE EVEN MORE, you can purchase the weekly MyRapid Smart Card for 7 Days Travel or 30 Days Travel package for unlimited LRT services. For more information about the services and route available, please visit MyRapidKL.


Uber_NY_request-screenshotUber also maybe a much easier way if you would like to travel around the cities in Malaysia without getting the unmetered taxi. Uber give you an estimation fare before you even confirm your booking. Fully utilise this “Fare Estimation” feature to brilliantly plan your travel budget. This Online Request transportation app has been getting famous here. You can simply download this app from your App Store or Google Play and start using it once your key in your Credit Card or Debit Card details.


pablo (13).pngHitching may be fun and economic but keep in mind hitching is never entirely safe, and we seldom recommend it to travellers who have not hitch before at least. Nevertheless, If you are really an adventurous travellers who wanted to experience the Hitching in Malaysia, we would recommend you not to do it alone, at least in pair will be great. GrabCar, maybe consider a direct competitor or not to Uber, they provide a Hitching Services at an Affordable option for daily commute.

There are many attraction in Kuala Lumpur and Other Cities in Malaysia. Depending where you are visiting, some destination can be easily reach by LRT or Busses, and other attraction you may need to take Public Cab / Uber. Some attraction even offer their Official Transportation for travellers to their destination, for example Resort World Genting Highland that is offering their Genting Express bus which is in KL Sentral Station.

If you are looking for advice for planning your transportation, leave a comment or question below.



We love to hear from you ! If you have any Opinions, Questions on Transportation in Malaysia or need any other assistant, please comment below.

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