How Travel Makes You An Awesome Person?

Believe it or not, we learn a lot of things through our Travel, just that we might not realise it. How and why travel make you an awesome person? Here are a few points about how travelling can change your outlook on life and transform you into a better person.



1. A Good Way To Be YourSelf and Be Alone (if you travel solo)

Travel often one of the best way to be know yourself and be yourself. Travel is not always about rushing for your itinerary, sometimes you can just take a break at the coffee shop by the beach and absolutely doing nothing else.

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2. Cherish The Little Thing You Missed In Your Life

Feeling extreme comfort place in the world call Home that we always take things for granted and always complaining the food your mums cook is not as fancy as the restaurant. Travelling makes your try different thing in life out of your comfort zone. Eating a food that feel like left over not as good as your homeland make you miss your mums home cooking and sleeping in a tiny thin blanket in a freezing cold night makes your miss how comfortable is your bed at home.

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3. Teaches You How To Communicate Better

Communicate with the locals is the best way to travel around and understand the destination culture. Looking for the best food in town? Asking for Directions? Start Talking to someone there. Undoubtably it slowly polish up your communication skills without you realising it.

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4. It Open Your Mind and Be Smarter

When you traveller and communicate with locals, you have opportunity to learn more and see more things that normally does not get to know back in school. So travelling broaden your mind and makes your more knowledgable.

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5. Makes Your Less Fearless

People’s mind change when they stop being afraid. Don’t follow others footsteps, avoid signing up for guided tours. Instead, get on the map and explore yourself. You will be amazed what you can to explore more.

Over time, I’ve conquered more and more fears, like the fear of getting eaten when swimming with sharks, and the fear of making a mistake when learning a new language, just by doing those very things. Traveling has made me so much braver, both on the road and at home,” – Matt Long – Professional Travel Blogger

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6. Your Tend To Give Way To Disappointment

Nothing in our plan always work, no matter how much research and careful planning of our travel itinerary, things goes wrong sometimes. There are times when you are unable to visit a location due to rain, miss a scheduled bus or the restaurant you looking for has relocated. We does not get disappointed on this. Instead, we move on to look out for more opportunities or other place to visit that are not even in our scheduled itinerary. This is what you will experience and learn through our travel vacation.

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7. Travel Open Our Eye and Our Mind

When you see people going about their daily existence in ways very different from our own, it can open your eyes to how similar you are to them, and how different. Then we tend to appreciate more on our live and what we already have.

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8. Make You Miss Your Love

Have you though of when is your last time you give your mum a big hug and tell her you love her and missing her food she prepare for you everyday? Cant Recall Dont You?

When you travel, as you live away from the home-cooked food and frequent hangouts with your best friends, you tend to realise how important these person are in your life. Technically travelling means you are physically moving away from your loved ones, but in real fact, you become even closer to them mentally. You just does’n know it.

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9. You Get Sexier

We all know we aged faster when we are on Stress. When you travel, we tend to be much more relax (sometimes you just don’t know it) and carefree. This make you more confident and radiant glow from deep inside you, and you will aged slower, making you more sexier.

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10. Why Wait? Jet Set Go!

Travelling make a person better and smarter. We learn a lot from travel through different countries and culture. We pushes our boundaries to explore, we try new food that we don’t normally eat,  we communicate with strangers that we do not know.

So Why Wait? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be planning your next adventure now.


Want to share your tips and advice? Got questions? Please comment below.


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