5 Important Tips For First Time Travellers

Are you flying or travelling for the first time? Welcome To The Travellers Club! Here are some guides and tips for you as the First Time Travellers!

1. Never Over Booked.

I know, aren’t we are all excited about going off for our first trip? It is so normal that new travellers always over book on so many things. We book extra luggage, every breakfast, every dinner, and perhaps every add-ons that you could possibly find on accommodations and flight. Take it easy, just confirm the BIG and MOST IMPORTANT thing, leave some room for changes in itinerary. Always allow some flexibilities when come to travel.

2. Read & Research.

Read and Research online about the destination that you are about to go, ask some friends who has been there. Know what to expect and understand the basic culture, get a bear of the local places and the public transports of the destination will be great to prepare yourself to enjoy your holidays.

3. Pack Too Much

Packing too much can end up over bring items that You Think You Need but actually You Don’t!. What worst for having overweight Luggage Allowances. Why pay more on luggage? Pack only the necessity items that is really important to you. Check out our related post on “TIPS TO TRAVEL LIGHT : PACK LIGHT & PACK LESS“. You can always Buy it there.

4. Insured YourSelf

Worry Free! Travel with no worry if anything happen to you. Insurance is not just about protecting you if something catastrophic happens, a good insurance give you more then a Health Medical Card. Check out “TOP 5 MYTHS ABOUT TRAVEL INSURANCE“.

5. Prepare To Get Lost.

Do not sign up for a Full Tour with the Travel Agency. Instead, research and plan your own Itinerary, sign up local small tour for hard to reach area. Getting Lost in a foreign country is not as scary as you can imagine, as most Travel Blogs & Website may only cover part of the interesting things to do, why not tailor made one for your own. Its you travel, not others. Spend time on the every corner of the street and explore whats not written in the Travel Books and Travel Websites.


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