Top 3 Best App for Singapore Travel 

Check out this Top 3 Best App when you are Travelling at Singapore. We have reviewed it and used it, these app is absolutely great for you who are planning to travel around the Singapore Cities.


Download here :   IOS    |   ANDROID

This app is pack with many features and the most useful features includes :

  • Estimated Travel Time
  • How and Where to Interchange
  • Total Fare
  • Multi Criteria Journey Planner : Optimal Route, Minimum Transfer Stations, Departure Time


Download here :  IOS    |    ANDROID

Unsure where to wait for taxi? No taxi arriving at the taxi station? No worries, turn on this app and ask for a Taxi at no extra charge. This app tell taxi driver that there is a potential passenger waiting at specific location.

We have tried to call for a taxi and a taxi just turn up in less then 3 minutes.

MySingapore Transport

Download Here :   IOS   |   ANDROID

The master app of all, giving you many features that’s smoothen your trip while you travel, below are a few Editors Choice

  • Live Traffic Camera & Updates
  • Bus Schedule & Arrival Time
  • Cycling Path
  • MidNight Busses Route



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