No Money To Travel : “I Am Too Poor To Travel”

This post is not only about how to get Cheapest Accommodation or Lowest Flight Rates.

Travelling with No Money is an idea of getting great deals out of your daily life. We spend everyday, on food on fashion on digital gadgets, why not spend on things that rewards us?

I always get questions and statement from readers that always say “I am too poor to travel” or “I cant afford to travel”….dadada… This mindset is so totally wrong.

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We all always make excuses to things we when cant get it done. “I Am Not Tall Enough For BasketBall”, “The Gym Is Too Far Away”, “I am Not Cool Enough To Get Her”, “One More Can Of Soda Does Not Hurt”.

Its the same when come to Travel, people always think that the only thing that hold them back to travel is Money. “I am Full Of Debt”, “My family are not rich”, “I am Not as lucky as you” , “I Don’t Earn As Much As You” and it goes on and on…

STOP complaining that you are too poor to travel or travel is for rich people. Travel is never an exclusive benefits for rich only. Everyone can afford to travel. The question now here is HOW?


No Money To Travel : "I Am Too Pour To Travel"

  1. GET ON A FREE FLIGHT & COMPLIMENTARY ACCOMMODATIONS: Many people aren’t aware that they can actually convert their Credit Card Point or Membership Point to Air Miles and Hotel Points. Most Credit Card, and even now Debit Card has tied up with many Airlines & Hotels to encourage their users to redeem points for extended benefits. All you have to do is to focus on just ONE (1) Card that brings the best benefits to you and charge almost everything to it to gain maximum point rewards.
  2. CANT SIGN UP FOR A CREDIT CARD? Come on there are still many awesome deal out there you just don’t know it yet. Below are a few things that you can tap on to get Free Holidays :
    • Contest To Win Travel Packages : Many Advertisers and Sponsors are giving a way free travel package to promote their services.
    • Shop at Specific Rewards Stores : Most Stores now days are giving a way Complimentary Membership. Shop there to gain rewards point to redeem points for flights and accommodations.


    1. SIGN UP AS A FREE MEMBER : Many travel agencies (especially the Online Travel Agency) constantly giving out best deal of the day. They even offer to email you these awesome deals right to your mailbox. Why not just sign up and get free updates? It does not hurt at all.
    2. SOME WEBSITE TO GET GREAT DEALS : Agoda | Booking| Expedia | Google Flight



How often do you travel at your own country? Hardly, right? Travelling in your own country make you spend lesser or literally nothing. If you are short of time and does not plan to spend too much, pack up some cloths and set off to wonder around your cities. Simply key in some of the cities that you are living in on Google and you maybe surprise that there are many places you can go that you don’t event know it exist.

Start Small, Start Now, Pack Up and Travel!



Want to share your tips and advice? Got questions? Please comment below.



How Travel Makes You An Awesome Person?

Believe it or not, we learn a lot of things through our Travel, just that we might not realise it. How and why travel make you an awesome person? Here are a few points about how travelling can change your outlook on life and transform you into a better person.



1. A Good Way To Be YourSelf and Be Alone (if you travel solo)

Travel often one of the best way to be know yourself and be yourself. Travel is not always about rushing for your itinerary, sometimes you can just take a break at the coffee shop by the beach and absolutely doing nothing else.

giphy (1).gif

2. Cherish The Little Thing You Missed In Your Life

Feeling extreme comfort place in the world call Home that we always take things for granted and always complaining the food your mums cook is not as fancy as the restaurant. Travelling makes your try different thing in life out of your comfort zone. Eating a food that feel like left over not as good as your homeland make you miss your mums home cooking and sleeping in a tiny thin blanket in a freezing cold night makes your miss how comfortable is your bed at home.

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3. Teaches You How To Communicate Better

Communicate with the locals is the best way to travel around and understand the destination culture. Looking for the best food in town? Asking for Directions? Start Talking to someone there. Undoubtably it slowly polish up your communication skills without you realising it.

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4. It Open Your Mind and Be Smarter

When you traveller and communicate with locals, you have opportunity to learn more and see more things that normally does not get to know back in school. So travelling broaden your mind and makes your more knowledgable.

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5. Makes Your Less Fearless

People’s mind change when they stop being afraid. Don’t follow others footsteps, avoid signing up for guided tours. Instead, get on the map and explore yourself. You will be amazed what you can to explore more.

Over time, I’ve conquered more and more fears, like the fear of getting eaten when swimming with sharks, and the fear of making a mistake when learning a new language, just by doing those very things. Traveling has made me so much braver, both on the road and at home,” – Matt Long – Professional Travel Blogger

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6. Your Tend To Give Way To Disappointment

Nothing in our plan always work, no matter how much research and careful planning of our travel itinerary, things goes wrong sometimes. There are times when you are unable to visit a location due to rain, miss a scheduled bus or the restaurant you looking for has relocated. We does not get disappointed on this. Instead, we move on to look out for more opportunities or other place to visit that are not even in our scheduled itinerary. This is what you will experience and learn through our travel vacation.

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7. Travel Open Our Eye and Our Mind

When you see people going about their daily existence in ways very different from our own, it can open your eyes to how similar you are to them, and how different. Then we tend to appreciate more on our live and what we already have.

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8. Make You Miss Your Love

Have you though of when is your last time you give your mum a big hug and tell her you love her and missing her food she prepare for you everyday? Cant Recall Dont You?

When you travel, as you live away from the home-cooked food and frequent hangouts with your best friends, you tend to realise how important these person are in your life. Technically travelling means you are physically moving away from your loved ones, but in real fact, you become even closer to them mentally. You just does’n know it.

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9. You Get Sexier

We all know we aged faster when we are on Stress. When you travel, we tend to be much more relax (sometimes you just don’t know it) and carefree. This make you more confident and radiant glow from deep inside you, and you will aged slower, making you more sexier.

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10. Why Wait? Jet Set Go!

Travelling make a person better and smarter. We learn a lot from travel through different countries and culture. We pushes our boundaries to explore, we try new food that we don’t normally eat,  we communicate with strangers that we do not know.

So Why Wait? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be planning your next adventure now.


Want to share your tips and advice? Got questions? Please comment below.


Top 10 Greatest Travel Books

Off the Map: 25 True Stories to Inspire Your Next Adventure

When was the last time you saw something truly extraordinary? If you have to think about it, it’s probably been too long. But it’s never too late to write your next story, and to go on your next adventure. In partnership with Cayman Jack, Thought Catalog presents a collection of 25 travel stories to inspire you to leave behind the predictable and take to the open road in search of the unforgettable. Your next great memory is waiting for you, whether you realize it or not. And these exceptional stories will help you find it.

Strangers Have the Best Candy: How talking to strangers leads to a life of crazy adventure and lasting friendship

In STRANGERS HAVE THE BEST CANDY, full-time adventurer Margaret Meps Schulte casts caution to the wind, striking up conversations with laughing, crying, boozing, and topless strangers all over the USA and beyond. Their stories, and the resulting hijinks and friendships, are her candy, her rewards for breaking the rules about talking to strangers. Schulte’s powerful narrative brings unlikely real people into the light, from Betty, the vivacious mayor of a small town in Newfoundland, to Boopsie, a skinny-dipping breast cancer survivor. The book features over 100 pen-and-ink illustrations of chance encounters, elusive and fleeting scenes that could never have been photographed. These humorous, heartwarming tales will inspire readers of all ages to talk to strangers and meet new people. Schulte shows us how to set aside fear and judgment to look for connection and serendipity in our own lives.

Humans of New York : Stories

Photographer Brandon Stanton began an ambitious project —to single-handedly create a photographic census of New York City. The photos he took and the accompanying interviews became the blog Humans of New York. In the first three years, his audience steadily grew from a few hundred to over one million. In 2013, his book Humans of New York, based on that blog, was published and immediately catapulted to the top of the NY Times Bestseller List. It has appeared on that list for over twenty-five weeks to date. The appeal of HONY has been so great that in the course of the next year Brandon’s following increased tenfold to, now, over 12 million followers on Facebook. In the summer of 2014, the UN chose him to travel around the world on a goodwill mission that had followers meeting people from Iraq to the Ukraine to Mexico City via the photos he took. Now, Brandon is back with the follow up to Humans of New York that his loyal followers have been waiting for: Humans of New York: Stories. Ever since Brandon began interviewing people on the streets of NY, the dialogue he’s had with them has increasingly become as in-depth, intriguing and moving as the photos themselves. Humans of New York: Stories presents a whole new group of humans, complete with stories that delve deeper and surprise with greater candor. Let Brandon Stanton and the people he’s photographed astonish you.

The Mountain: My Time on Everest

In bestseller The Mountain, world-renowned climber and bestselling author Ed Viesturs and cowriter David Roberts paint a vivid portrait of obsession, dedication, and human achievement in a true love letter to the world’s highest peak. In The Mountain, veteran world-class climber and bestselling author Ed Viesturs—the only American to have climbed all fourteen of the world’s 8,000-meter peaks—trains his sights on Mount Everest in richly detailed accounts of expeditions that are by turns personal, harrowing, deadly, and inspiring.

The Bowery Boys: Adventures in Old New York: An Unconventional Exploration of Manhattan’s Historic Neighborhoods, Secret Spots and Colorful Characters

The Bowery Boys podcast is a phenomenon, thrilling audiences each month with one amazing story after the next. Now, in their first-ever book, the duo gives you an exclusive personal tour through New York’s old cobblestone streets and gas-lit back alleyways.

Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Road Trip

The bestselling author of Investment Biker is back from the ultimate road trip: a three-year drive around the world that would ultimately set the Guinness record for the longest continuous car journey. In Adventure Capitalist, legendary investor Jim Rogers, dubbed “the Indiana Jones of finance” by Time magazine, proves that the best way to profit from the global situation is to see the world mile by mile. “While I have never patronized a prostitute,” he writes, “I know that one can learn more about a country from speaking to the madam of a brothel or a black marketeer than from meeting a foreign minister.”

Behind the wheel of a sunburst-yellow, custom-built convertible Mercedes, Rogers and his fiancée, Paige Parker, began their “Millennium Adventure” on January 1, 1999, from Iceland. They traveled through 116 countries, including many where most have rarely ventured, such as Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Angola, Sudan, Congo, Colombia, and East Timor. They drove through war zones, deserts, jungles, epidemics, and blizzards. They had many narrow escapes. They camped with nomads and camels in the western Sahara. They ate silkworms, iguanas, snakes, termites, guinea pigs, porcupines, crocodiles, and grasshoppers.

Miles from Nowhere: A Round the World Bicycle Adventure

This is the delightful and often humorous story of an around-the-world bicycle trip taken by two young people, Barbara and Larry Savage. <P>It took them two years and 25 countries. Along the way, these neophyte cyclists encountered warm-hearted strangers, bicycle-hating drivers, rock-throwing Egyptians, over-protective Thai policemen, and great personal joys. They returned to a new life in Santa Barbara, one Barbara never lived to savor. She was killed in a street accident, Barbara and her bicycle vs. a truck.

Expedition to climb Mt McKinley’s West Buttress (Footsteps on the Mountain travel diaries Book 20)

79% of climbers had reached the summit that season, and the normal success rate was just 50%. Surely that meant it was a good year to climb Denali?

There had been an unprecedented spell of good weather on the peak known as Mt McKinley, one of the Seven Summits, a peak notorious for its severe conditions and cold temperatures that trapped climbers in storms for days on end. This year people were climbing straight up and reaching the summit without a hitch, and coming back down again days ahead of schedule.

Would the weather hold, or would they find themselves fighting to survive in the teeth of a storm? This is Mark’s account of his expedition to climb Denali’s West Buttress as part of a commercial team, and contains lots of useful advice, like not falling asleep while using a pee bottle, how to avoid bonking on the trail, and how to make a sledge travel in the right direction by shouting at it.

Grand Adventures

Adventure – something that’s new and exhilarating, outside your comfort zone. Adventures change you and how you see the world, and all you need is an open mind, bags of enthusiasm and boundless curiosity.

So what’s a GRAND ADVENTURE – it is the most life-changing, career-enhancing, personality-forging, fun adventure of your life.

Following on from his popular Microadventures, in Grand Adventures Alastair Humphreys shines a spotlight on the real-life things that get in the way: stuff like time, money or your other commitments. Grand Adventures is also crammed with hard-won wisdom from people who have actually been there and done that: by boat and boot, car and kayak, bicycle and motorbike. People who had one epic trip then returned to normal life, or who got bitten so badly by the bug that they devoted their life to the pursuit of adventure. Young people, old people. Men, women. Mates, couples, families. Extraordinary, inspiring people. People like you.

Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster

In 1999, Krakauer received an Academy Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters–a prestigious prize intended “to honor writers of exceptional accomplishment.”  According to the Academy’s citation, “Krakauer combines the tenacity and courage of the finest tradition of investigative journalism with the stylish subtlety and profound insight of the born writer.  His account of an ascent of Mount Everest has led to a general reevaluation of climbing and of the commercialization of what was once a romantic, solitary sport; while his account of the life and death of Christopher McCandless, who died of starvation after challenging the Alaskan wilderness, delves even more deeply and disturbingly into the fascination of nature and the devastating effects of its lure on a young and curious mind.”

Too Many Adapters when Travelling! 

pablo (14).pngMany travelers are always trying to find a suitable adapter to charge up their Digital Gatgets. I understand it’s always a hassle to keep looking for the specific adapters each time We travel. Stop wasting time and check out the tips to help you save more time and budget: 


Always bring along a universal adapters so that I don’t need to waste time buying an adapter just to suit that specific country. One adapters is good and most economic way to travel round the world. 

Get a Good quality adapter is all you need. Best is adapter with USB port to charge you phone and camera. 


I always bring a few gadgets with me on all my travel; be it is a leisure or business trip, I always bring along my MacBook, DSLR, Mobile Phone and External Battery. 

So for you who are like me carrying more then 2 Gatgets on your vacation or business trip, you can always bring along an palm size USB charger extension to cater your need.

Just like you, my digital gadgets are my baby. I have invested in a slightly better adapter and charger for Surge Protection just incase. 





Travel Insurance : Do I Need It?

Do I really need a Travel Insurance? Is it a waste money or is a traveler essential?

So what is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is insurance that is intended to cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident and other losses incurred while traveling, either internationally or within one’s own country.

Always Choose A Travel Insurance That Provide Wide Coverage, including when :

  • You need Medical help for sudden illness or injury.
  • You need emergency medical evacuation for Sudden Illness or injury.
  • You have to cancel your trip due to unforeseeable events outside of your control.
  • Your gear is stolen or damaged whilst travelling.
  • Your Documentation and/or Luggage is Lost whilst travelling.
  • You have Personal Accident during your travel.

Remember, don’t get any insurance if they does not cover any of these important point above.

Should I Go For Single Trip or Annual Insurance?

If you are a light travellers or does not have a fix travel plan thru out the years, going for Single Trip Insurance will be sufficient. But if you are a Regular Traveller who travel more then three (3) times a year, getting an Annual Insurance Plan will save you a lot. Depending on the Insurance Policy and Company that you are buying from, most have different level of coverage depending on which country you are most travelling to.

Until it happens, you probably don’t even think about it, but when something goes wrong, make sure you are covered. – by World Nomads

Which Insurance Company Should I Go For?

No insurance policy are the same various compare to each individual Insurance Company. Always remember to read thru the policy to fully understand what you are coverage and most important “what is not covered“. Go for what is most suitable for your travel style : are you a person who love :

  • Adventure that need Extreme Sport Coverage?
  • Photographer who are bringing your expensive gadgets for your travel?
  • Travelling with your family that need a family insurance policy instead?
  • Think wisely before choosing the most suitable policy.

What isn’t covered is just as important as what is?

Most Company will not cover you for pre-existing conditions or general check-ups. For example, if you have diabetes and need to buy more insulin, you won’t be covered. If you want to go see a doctor for a general check-up, you aren’t covered either. If you have previously experience Lung Infection, you might not be covered if any related symptoms that are related too during your travel schedule.

“Be A Smart Traveller and Get Covered No Matter What May Happen.” – By Nomattic Matt

Or you may end up like my friend, who felled down on a slippery floor. Ending up in local clinics and use up almost all his travel funding to treat his injured leg. Isnt it great if you are covered if incidents happen? Spend time to compare different insurance policy that best suits your travel style.

Check Out Crushing Tomatoes Travel Partner Here.



Definate 8 Useful Tips for Smooth Flight


Many travellers are still not aware of that they have to prepare themselves in order to have a smooth flight (regardless is a short or long haul light). Here is a list of my practise every time I fly to ensure smooth Flight journey without rushing like a “maddog” or being stuck in the custom while your name is being called at the PA system for Final Boarding (stressed…)


This can avoid you from being charge with extra hundred of dollars. I could say ALL airlines are very particular in the baggage weight as additional weight contribute to consume more Fuel for the Air Craft. A Baggage Weighting Scale is not expensive, rather is a essential items that you should have if you are travelling especially for constant travellers. Always check your baggage weight against the airline baggage allowance.


Check in Online! Skip The Long Haul Que at Check In Counter! To Check In Online is way more easier then you book for an airline ticket. Remember to print your boarding pass and bring it a long at the security check counter. Or even better is to send a mobile boarding pass to your smartphone. That’s a very important step to be done before you even set foot in the airport.


Its very important for all travellers to remember to Lock Your Luggage with a Pad Lock or Passcode Lock. This is to prevent unauthorized personal who have bad intention; it could be someone who are trying to steal something out from your luggage or even worst; you maybe targeted to help to bring contraband items without you knowing if you don’t lock your luggage.

Yes i Know what you are thinking! Locking luggage does not give you 100% security but remember, To Prevent is Better to Regret! Many Countries have Strict Rules and Regulations over Contraband. I never take chances especially for all my International Flight.


You may bring liquids, aerosols and gels on board as long as they do not exceed a maximum volume of 100ml for each item, carried in one resealable, transparent plastic bag no more than 1-litre in capacity per passenger. Items exceeding this amount should be packed into your checked bags. Please note that airport security personnel will remove items that do not meet these requirements before you fly. 


For International Flight Travellers, always consider to transport yourself to the designated airport at least 3 – 4 hours (although Airline recommendation is 2 hours) prior to your flight departure time.  Remember that Traffics are very unpredictable and is always better to arrive the airport earlier then the time given.


Upon arrival to airport (if you have checked in online and after your luggage drop off), don’t bother wondering around the airport for food or shop first. Security scan que is usually longer then the Check In Counter. Go thru the security check line to scan your hand carry first.


Breathing Air in Air Craft are usually very dry. Have sufficient water to hydrate your body before boarding and remember to go Wash Room prior to your boarding time. You may want to skip the Laboratory in the aircraft


It is normal that sometimes your gate can be changed due to different circumstances on airport arrangement. So it is important that you are in the right gate as some gates are very far away from your original boarding gate. You may miss a flight if you are at the wrong gate!

14 Things You Don’t Know That already happen on your Flight!


Many if you are curious and asking about the “Behind The Scene” FAQ about Cabin Crew. Below are some findings for you that normally Cabin Crew will not tell anyone thru the PA System by explaining that “This Is What Happen Just Now..”.

Read until the end and the last pointer is my personal experience during one of my flight that was delayed due to the same reason.

1. “I not paid during boarding or until the door to the aircraft is shut. This means it’s mandatory to show up to work about 2 hours early but not be paid for it.”

2. “How gross the lavatories are. To be honest I only use the lavatories on the airplane if I need to wash my hands or if I absolutely have to go to the bathroom. If it’s a short flight and I can leave the plane, I’m definitely waiting until I can use the bathroom in the airport.”

3. ” We have to be diplomatic in situations to avoid discrimination lawsuits. For example, that man that’s overweight and spilling into your seat on a full flight? I can’t tell him to suck in his gut or ask a thin person to switch with you. However, you can, because the worst that can happen is you’ll get a no and maybe a glare. If I do, I am risking a possible lawsuit against my airline or at worst, my job. With the age of social media, a lot of things get twisted. I never want to be the flight attendant that “harassed a mother and her crying baby” or “not let allow a man with a medical condition sleep” because he snores.”

4. “The blankets and pillows get reused over and over again. They just fold em up and put them away for the next flight. So, be sure to ask for a fresh blanket one that has been sealed in a bag. That way you know its fresh/clean.”

5. “Turnover the lavatory nameplate on the door you’ll find a latch and then you can lock/unlock from the outside.”

6. “They should listen to me when we are going through the safety procedure.If the plane runs out of oxygen at altitude, you only have 15-20 seconds before passing out.”

7. ” When a plane is landing at night, we dim the interior lights incase you need to evacuate upon landing… your eyes are already adjusted to the darkness so you’ll be able to see better once outside the plane”

8. “We don’t enjoy delayed flights any more than you do. Sitting on the tarmac is stressful for passengers and flight attendants alike. “We’re usually on the plane an hour before the passengers to prepare for the flight, plus we’ve been at the airport for a few hours before that,”

9.”Many passengers don’t realize how much more drunk they get at 35,000 feet.”Due to the high altitude, alcohol is more powerful when you’re on a flight,”

10. “We wish you’d time your bathroom trips better.Disregarding the “fasten seatbelt” sign and jumping up to visit the lavatory whenever you need to can add to delays. There’s a sequence to taxiing and getting in line for takeoff, If somebody gets up to use the restroom, we have to tell the cockpit, and they have to stop the plane and wait until the person is back in his or her seat and buckled up. During that time we could lose our spot in line.

11. “If you’re one of those who have a big heart in giving up your seat for whatever reason without making a scene, we treat you ‘special’ -we would give you 2 bread rolls instead of one, a whole can of soda instead of rationing it, basically we would compensate you for your kindness.”

12. We know when we’re descending, even before the seatbelt sign is on. It’s true.

13. “We know how to spot a number of medical problems and deal with it (at their level at least; birth on board, cardiac arrest, overdose, burns, broken bones…)”

14. “If your boarding is delayed because they are missing a flight attendant and you see a flight attendant rushing on to the plane. That flight attendant is most likely not the flight attendant that caused the delay. At airports we have standby flight attendants (one or two at a time) who are dressed in uniform, bags packed and ready to go if a flight needs them or reserve flight attendants who get short notice to cover a trip when another coworker cannot make it.”I got to the gate within 5 minutes of my notification and met with glares from the passengers. I’ve also had 1 hour notice for a reserve flight (I live an hour away from the airport) so I was the only late crew member to show up and of course passengers were upset at me but not knowing the circumstances. I wanted to jump on the PA and say “Its not my fault”.