Take Stunning Travel Photo With Just Your Phone!

Although there are many argument of using a DSLR can take more precise and detail picture. But Many travellers just like you and me now use to travel very handy and light, maybe only with our Smart Phone.

In this latest post, We have connected with Hafiz; a Professional Photographer and also a Contributor for Getty Image, to joint give us some FAQs.

1. Do Smart Phone users take stunning pictures just like DSLR?

YES. it’s not about the equipment but more to the knowledge and experience of creating great photos. But of cause, nothing can beat DSLRs or Mirrorless cameras. Of course, there are limitations when using smartphones. I use DSLR/Mirrorless when i want to achieve certain goals with my photos such as being able to print big canvas and sell them later.

2. One of the best moment during Travelling is to record the moment to remember. What are the tips and tricks to take stunning travel pictures with Smart Phone Camera?

  • Keep it Simple
  • Take a picture with your eyes first.
  • Look of light source. is the scene nicely illuminated?
  • To get best composition, especially for beginners, stick to rule of thirds (RO3) to make your composition pleasing to look at. Master RO3 before learning about other composition technique. My tip – if it looks great to you, you have done it.

3. Now a days Food Photography is so popular where travellers love to share the food they are eating with their social media friends. What are the most important tips to capture a stunning food picture?


  • Lighting/correct exposure is a must. Place food on a table near to light source such as windows or lamp.
  • When taking food photos, bear in mind that you will want to make the viewer salivate when looking at the photo. Take wide and close up photos.
  • Do a google search on what kind of angle and composition is pleasing to the eyes.
  • Top view angle seems to be the hip angle nowadays

4. Frequently most Traveller have problem with Low Light Condition. What’s your advice and how can Travellers overcome this problem?


  • Tripod is your best friend. Set up your camera/smart phone on a tripod to reduce motion blurring/shaking when taking low light sceneries such cityscapes, fireworks etc.

5. You are also well known and experience for time laps. And most smart phone now do have time laps features pre-install. What are the thing we should know and prepare before taking a time laps pictures or video?

  • Tripod – placing your phone on a stable surface or use a tripod is a must.
  • Composition – always compose your shot by looking at the rule of thirds, foreground, framing, etc.
  • Scene – is the scene worth to time lapsed? are the clouds moving fast or slow? are the crowds stationery or otherwise? Time Lapse is about capturing change of scenery or movement so that when we play them later at normal speed, these change of scenery is moving at a fast pace.
  • Smartphone has the interval pre set up, so you don’t have to worry about it. just worry about your composition.

A Professional Photographer, a Time Lapse Freak, A Father Of Two Lovely Children, A Contributor to Getty Image. Hafiz Ismail is one of the well know photographers base in Malaysia since year 2008. For more of his work, visit http://imagesbyhafiz.com/.

Disclaimer : All Pictures and Videos used in this post are used with permission of owner Hafiz Ismail and Pexels. If you would be interested in these pictures or to use in any of your personal or commercial use, please kindly contacts the owner directly for permission.